Chapter 3 from Britain's Greek Islands: 'Slay all the klephts'

Click for a sample chapter from 'Britain's Greek Islands' . It tells how Britain came into possession of the southern Ionian Islands in 1809 without the knowledge of the British Government and with the help of Greek brigands like Theodore Kolokotronis who would soon achieve fame and notoriety in the Greek War of Independence.

1. A voyage through the islands
2. Cheers for the liberators
3. Slay all the klephts
4. Cerigo
5. The Free Ionian Islands
6. Artfully chained
7. A foreigner in the castle
8. The moon devoured them
9. A delicate situation
10. Throwing cold water
11. Martial law
12. Pirates
13. Camels and fine horses
14. Macphail the builder
15. Everything shall be destroyed
16. Proofs of the English friendship
17. Nothing beyond what is absolutely necessary
18. At present we enjoy perfect health
19. An act of grace
20. Many thanks for the honey
21. Lost in the world's eye
22. Lessons in obedience, industry and morality
23. A promise of future tranquillity
24. This awkward affair
25. A great want of doctors
26. The insufferable lieutenant
27. Trembling and sighing upon the earth
28. Asserting their national privileges
29. Allontanati
30. The eastern question
31. A sinister rock
32. The Mudari light
33. An exhibition of Ionian arts
34. Down with the Protection
35. Called to the Kingdom of Greece


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