Reminders of the British period can be found throughout the Ionian islands and a few of them are shown here. Britain's Ionian islands protectorate is largely forgotten but its intriguing and often turbulent history is brought to life in the book 'Britain's Greek Islands'.


  Bridge at Catouni, Kythera, built by the British using an unpopular system of forced labour known as the "angaria".   Fragment of a Thomas Maitland statue in Zakynthos  
  Kythera - the bridge at Katouni, built by the British Resident John Macphail using an unpopular system of forced labour known as the 'angaria'.   Zakynthos - a fragment from the statue erected to honour Sir Thomas Maitland, Britain's first Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands. He produced a constitution which paid lip service to the Islands' independence while concentrating all power in his hands.  


  Column lighthouse built by the British in Cephalonia   Pillar of British built bridge in Potamos, Kythera  
  Kefalonia - a fixation on the ancient past among some of the British administrators produced this lighthouse in the form of an ancient Greek column. There is another lighthouse, still standing, in the form of a Greek temple.   Kythera - pillar of a British-built bridge at the entrance to the market town of Potamos. Many kilomteres of roads and numerous bridges are among the British legacy on Kythera.  


  Maitland rotunda in Corfu   Maitland rotunda in Corfu with Great Britain inscription  
  Corfu - The rotunda on the esplanade erected in memory of Sir Thomas Maitland. The inscription gives his name in Greek.  

Corfu - the Maitland memorial rotunda with the Greek words for 'Great Britain' visible in the inscription.



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